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The space flat fairly touched the land and later I appeared in the outstation Kroskon. I was here, as a commissar, to explore mysterious bestial deaths of few fellows.

A troublous alderman greeted me, but in a good constitution. "I'm Ron Ward, chief of this outstation." - "Lieutenant Thomas Parker, commissar for explore of crime in this quadrant." - "I'm glad to see you. The situation here gets out of control. All are funk when this murder kills again. It seems that nobody can be sure before him anywhere. Any explore must be carried out by somebody from outspace, because nobody believes anybody here." - "I studied this case from messages which you had sent me and it looked very incredible. How many people are there now in the outstation ?" - "Nine, with you. Three women and six men." - "In your message you wrote that you were thirteen primarily, so five humans are already dead. Can I see them ? Or that what rests of them." - "Of course. Come with me.".

Chief lead me in the direction of iceboxes. On the whole outstation I felt a kind of stress, which is normal at places, where people have fear one of another. There was almost anomalous calm here.

Abruptly began alarm in the whole outstation. "Next murderee.", said chief and looked at his wrist computer. "Alarm started in section four, come along.". We are ran through a long passage. Two men joined us on the way. Then we ran into the garden. There stood a young man holding in his arm a crying woman. In front of them on the ground there was laying corpse of another woman. It looked like something had smashed her breast with a great force. 'Nothing can help her. She hed died half an hour ago,  I think.", say doctor of outstation, after researching her body. "Too much organs are missing.". "It was Janet Reez, exobiologist.", told me chief. The whole rest of the crew in that time were in the garden. "I looked at this funky faces and considered who only feigned. "I think, that everybody needs to be minimally in couples. If an anthropomorph is among us, than he does not afford to attack, because suspicion would fall on him." - "Yes, and who from us will undertake risk that you propose ?", exclaimed the young man. "Everybody will keep distance from the others." - "But by this you help him in his actions.", I opposed. It looked that for keeping all of us together there too much work on outstation. Still for fear one of an other nobody dared. In the end everybody agreed that was they lock themselves on their workplaces and admit nobody. Only I would explore terrain and could go to everybody. For this case I had an identification card which sounds only with my DNA.

Two men put the body on the dandy and took it to the icebox. I went along with chief. All another bodies looked equally. So I started with reading of logs. It was very curious that a killer was seemed never. The last one who came on the board was Zane Serde, this young man. It was about half a year ago. That mysterious death begun 27 days ago. After two days of exploring I still couldn't find any causality, so I decided to talk with Zen.

On the way to his workplace abruptly flashed the lights one or two times, and after then it got off. I found myself in total darkness and silence. This silence was broken only by my beating heart. Abruptly I heard cool swish as if something moved along the passage. I pulled my lasergun and awaited the attack, pressed to the wall and with keeping my breath. Swish reached. Then almost by me it turned out and faded. Possibly after quarter of an hour the lights went on. I gathered that another man was killed. So we are only seven. Considering exploring the venue I put off talk with Zen on the next day.

In the middle of the night I was wakened by the alarm. I oriented myself with the navigator on my watch and ran into the cabin, where the others accumulated. There was a technician staying with a plasma gun in his hand. On the land there was a woman with this same way of death as the others. Zen layed by her with a hole in his head. From a technicians words I understood, that he was going through the passage control the next fixation, because he forgot to do it before, when he saw that the door of Johanna's cabin was open. He looked in and saw Johanna laying on the land and Zen staying over her. When Zen turned to him, technician shot. But as an argument for shooting I don't find Zen's presence on this place satisfactory. Finally alone witness on the place was that technician, so I recommended to chief temporarily close him. We wanted to listen to the technician morning.

Morning we met near his cell. I would come in, when the chief kept me and showed on the break control light under the door. In the cell there was a vacuum. It looked that somebody crocked the control system and then killed the technician. We rest only four and the killer was still among us.

The outstation can't work for a longtime without human activity. I recommended all to keep themselves on their workplaces, and I would watch them from the control center. With that we parted. Later afternoon I came to the chief. "You didn't watch us ?", he wondered. "It's after all, the problem is resolved. Come with me.", confided I. "Do you know who made it ?" - "You will soon know everything, unfortunately everybody are dead, we are the last. I was very slow." Chief was prostrate. We came to the cabin of doctor. "So he did it !", whispered chief, "I would expect it of him." I signed to him to come in, this worst only awaited him. In the cabin there was lying the doctor and the last woman. Both had stockwork breast.

"What happened with .." chief began turning to me. He didn't make more. My ejector bite killed him fast. Latterly I could change to my form and a bit broach my tentacles. Poor Zen. But he had to be cautious. I said to him, when I sent him here, never to let the door opened. Take a work of commissar, that was by our secret service perfect idea. Now I must only change the original crew with clones and an other outstanding is under our control. This way of invasion is a bit slow, but costs of a war are more expensive and the time, that is not a problem ...

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